Entaniya VR Stand for Video

Entaniya VR Stand for Video

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When stitching a footage of 360-degree, the footage sometimes goes out of position. This is due to the parallax of lens.
There’s a focal point in the center of the lens.
The center is a nodal point.
If the nodal point has a perfectly correct focus, there will be no deviating due to the parallax.

By using Entaniya VR Stand and Entaniya Fisheye HAL250 lens, anyone can to easily shoot 360-degree with a matched nodal point with only one camera.
With Entaniya’s patented VR Stand Series, you can shoot 360-degree by capturing only two or three directions.
It’s so easy it’s almost unbelievable! By using the stand, you will have no problem when stitching.

Divided shooting has various merits.
Any objects which are positioned behind the camera are not captured because of divided shooting. You can set up lightning equipment behind the camera and shed light from the back of the camera.
The person shooting is can control the shooting while checking the situation. In case of shooting 360-degree once, in all directions simultaneously, it is difficult to pay attention to the details.

Product Information

Price 158,000 JPY(Tax-exclusive price)Cameras and lenses are not included
Size H:240mm W:65mm D:190mm
Weight 1.6Kg
Model Number VS-2

360VR Sample Video

How to make 360VR Video with the VR Stand

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