RaspberryPi  VR220 Camera is on sale! Image

RaspberryPi VR220 Camera is on sale!

The RaspberryPi VR 220 Camera which modified RaspberryPi Camera V2 and installed a 220 ° fisheye lens was released.

RaspberryPi VR220 Camera

Camera module with Raspberry Pi Camera V2 remodeled

Raspberry Pi VR 220 MOD KIT is for attaching a 220° lens (Super Wide Fisheye) to the Raspberry Pi Camera V2.

The advantage of this camera is that you only need to shoot once to take half-sphere for your video footage.

By using a converting website(Entapano VR),you can enjoy VR images.

Attaching Lens

Various types of lenses can be used.
There is also no IR cut filter lens for infrared cameras.

RP-L220:FOV 220°
RP-L195:FOV 195°
RP-L165:FOV 165°
RP-L98:FOV 98°

Attaching Lens

You can check the more detail information on the product page.
RaspberryPi VR220 Camera