High-resolution camera and wide-angle fisheye lens expand the possibilities of VR Image

High-resolution camera and wide-angle fisheye lens expand the possibilities of VR

There are more and more cameras that can shoot in 8K.

The higher resolution of the camera does not only make the image more precise.

For example, it will be possible to crop images shot at 8K and crop them out as 4K or HD images.

High resolution allows us to think of new ways of expression and systems.

We can see a similar trend in the VR field.

Studio.One (AZilPix)

One such system is Studio.One, a video system that combines an 8K camera and VR (wide-angle fisheye video), developed by AZilPix, a company spun out of Hasselt University in Belgium.

Features of Studio.One

Studio.One combines an 8K camera with an ultra wide angle fisheye lens such as the Entaniya Fisheye HAL250 for live events and sports coverage.

Fisheye video shot at high resolution can be expanded to VR format and viewed as VR video, or you can select any location in the video and crop it to display it as normal video.

By specifying multiple crop locations and adjusting the crop size, a single camera can be used to create images similar to conventional switching/live switchers.

You can move and zoom the crop position and add movement such as pan and tilt. This system is capable of producing variable images even with a fixed camera.

This makes it possible to produce dynamic images with dramatically fewer cameras than with conventional methods.

Video report from IBC2018

Studio.One | AZilPIX

Here’s a report on what was on display at IBC2018, a video that makes it easy to understand what kind of system Studio.One is.

There is a display with a camera in the center of the table. The camera with the Entaniya Fisheye HAL250 mounted is mounted facing up.

For example, in a situation where 10 people are sitting around a round table having a meeting or discussion, this camera can capture each person’s expression.

High resolution camera and wide angle fisheye lens

Here’s a video showing a case where Studio.One was used in a hockey game broadcast.

Such a method was difficult to achieve with conventional FHD and 4K cameras due to the lack of resolution.










残念ながらこの映像はEntaniya Fisheye HAL250を使用して撮影された映像ではないと思われますが、カメラの台数が少なく、またクルーの数が少なくても映像のバリエーションを増やすことができるのがお分かりいただけるかと思います。