8K camera and Entaniya Fisheye HAL 250 shooting test Image

8K camera and Entaniya Fisheye HAL 250 shooting test

We mounted the Entaniya Fisheye HAL250 on the 8K camera demo of Astro Design. and tested it.

We got a super-sharp VR image taken with an 8K camera without a low pass filter .


Multipurpose 8K Camera | Astro Design

This test used a prototype model of a multipurpose 8K camera.
This camera has a Super 35 sensor and an MFT mount.

Entaniya Fisheye HAL250 3.8mm|Entaniya

The lens is Entaniya Fisheye HAL250 MFT 4.3 mm that demonstrates 8K performance.

Horizontal viewing angle:250°
Vertical viewing angle:210°


Sample Video

The Image


Partial zoom up


Partially enlarge the shot image (100% display).
You can see that the details are more detailed than what you see with the naked eye.

It looks like this on a map.

*The 8K camera we tested this time is still at the stage of prototype adjustment. Therefore, the sample videos are posted in a fairly compressed format.