Machine Vision Cameras and Fisheye Lenses (Allied Vision Manta and Entaniya Fisheye)

Allied Vision Manta Series

The test was conducted with the Entaniya Fisheye series of high-quality super wide-angle fisheye lenses attached to the Manta series, one of the products of the industrial camera manufacturer Allied Vision.

The Manta series is an entry model GigE camera, a machine vision camera that features high expandability and many variations.

Compatible with CS mount as well as general C mount with machine vision camera, it is possible to attach Entaniya M12 series fisheye lens.


● Resolution AVG(656×492)〜4112×3008
● Sensor size 1/2.9″〜1″

Combination with Entaniya Fisheye

It can be used for a variety of applications, such as super-wide-angle fish-eye images with a horizontal viewing angle exceeding 180 degrees, wide-angle images with complete sensor coverage, and circular fish-eye images.

Sensor size and angle of view

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