3D180VR live streaming of a boxing match Image

3D180VR live streaming of a boxing match

On April 18, at 8:00 p.m. at the Shanghai One Sports Center, China Telecom Tian-Yi-Yun VR and Zou-Xuan Sports Boxing Alliance China will team up to create a live 5G+3D VR series to bring boxing fans online to experience the power and beauty of boxing in 3D!

3D 180VR live streaming of a boxing match

A new way to watch boxing

This year’s tournament kicks off on April 18 and will run for more than five months (11 regular matches and one final), with the finalists coming out on final day on August 23. China Telecom Tian-Yi-Yun VR will support the whole process, providing an exclusive 3D VR panoramic live view, bringing a full range of high-immersion live images, providing a new viewing experience for this new type of online boxing event, and better spreading the charm of competitive boxing.

Entaniya Fisheye 200 are used

The equipment used by the China Telecom Tian-Yi-Yun VR team for the 3D180VR live streaming can be determined from the footage shown on the live broadcast to be a Panasonic GH5 and Entaniya Fisheye HAL 200 3.6mm that 200-degree ultra-wide-angle fisheye lens.

Here are some images from the scene.

The picture below shows the camera.
You will be able to feel the power of boxing up close, and the 3DVR will give you a more realistic experience.


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