Industrial Fisheye Lens M12 280


Entaniya Fisheye M12 280 Specification


Product Name M12 280
FOV 280°
F Number F/2.8
Lenses 12 Element Glass
ED × 1
SHR × 3
Projections Equisolid angle
Image Circle
Image Circle
Image Size
1/2.3″Sensor:280°× 280°
Mechanical back 2.42mm
AR coated
Lens Frame Titanium
IR cut filter Attached
(Please ask us if you do not need attach the IR cut filter.)
Mount Type M12 P0.5(S Mount)
Weight 175g
Manufactured Made in Japan(except:caps)

※If lenses are installed to the camera, camera must be modified.
※Although the lens is being assembled with extreme care, the lens renders out-of-focus points of light for qualitative reasons. The cause of this kind of situation is an installation screw, a problem of the CMOS sensor as well as lens in various ways, so in those cases, please slant and adjust the screw or CMOS sensor.
※When shooting in backlit conditions under the sun or other strong light source, some flare and ghosting occur due to the characteristics of the super wide-angle lens.
※The lens system is designed with a delicate design in order to realize a super wide-angle. But the design is not assumed the situation such as sports to increase continuous vibration, rainproof, waterproof, the thing corresponding to the shock – and it could happen the gap of the focus, in the worst case, break the lens in itself and damage the aluminum materials. In that case, you might get injured, and it could connect for a fatal accident.
※When you fix it with a screw of φ12, please fix lens in itself and ensure the safety.
※When you use attached CS mount, scatter a screw lock to a screw, and close four screws at least, and install four points of security wires in order to insure the safety.
※As for further details, please read the manual which is attached to a lens system.
※Specifications and appearance may change without prior notice.
※There may be white spots inside the lens, but it was generated at the time of manufacture and can be used without affecting lens performance.



AlliedVision Manta 223B

co-operate:DHT Corporation




Image Hight

Angle of view (deg) Image height(mm) Angle of view (deg) Image height(mm)
0.00 0.0000 77.00 1.33
7.00 0.13 84.00 1.43
14.00 0.25 91.00 1.54
21.00 0.385 98.00 1.63
28.00 0.50 105.00 1.73
35.00 0.63 112.00 1.81
42.00 0.75 119.00 1.89
49.00 0.87 126.00 1.95
56.00 0.99 133.00 2.01
63.00 1.10 140.00 2.04
70.00 1.22