Bubble Level with 1/4″ or 3/8″ screw

A level with a screw (1/4″ or 3/8″) on the level mounting surface. *Patent pending
It can be attached to the extended threaded hole on the cage of the camera.
You will never have to search for or lose your level.


with a screw

The mounting surface of the level is equipped with screws (1/4″-20 UNC or 3/8″-16 UNC).
You can attach the level to any cage or cheese plate.
If you want millimeter screws, we accept orders on a made-to-order basis. Please contact us.

Ink Over

The red line is inked over so id does not rub off and disappear.

Easy to handle design

The sides of the level body have a texture that is comfortable in the hand and an uneven design that makes it easy to attach and remove.

Metal parts machined from a block

The metal parts of the bottom part of the level are machined from a block of stainless steel, and the screw part and bottom are integrated.

3 size levels in 2 Types of Screws


Product Name Entaniya Bubble Lelvel
Model number BL1414 BL1438 BL1814 BL1838 BL2314 BL2338
Mounting screw 1/4″-20UNC 3/8″-16UNC 1/4″-20UNC 3/8″-16UNC 1/4″-20UNC 3/8″-16UNC
Size 14.5 mm diameter 18.5 mm diameter 23.5 mm diameter
Uses Horizontal measurement. Installation of machines
Material SUS303(Screw)
Manufactured Made in China
Price 2,300JPY(Tax-exclusive) 2,400JPY(Tax-exclusive) 2,500JPY(Tax-exclusive) 2,600JPY(Tax-exclusive) 2,800JPY(Tax-exclusive) 2,900JPY(Tax-exclusive)

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