Dual FAN Aluminum Case for Raspberry Pi 4

The dual-fan case for the RaspberryPi 4, with Entaniya’s original pedestals.
This Case is perfect for your Raspberry Pi 4 if it gets hot.
※Not included the RaspberryPi 4.


Entaniya original pedestalx legs

The dual FAN aluminum case for the Raspberry Pi 4 comes with Entaniya’s original pedestal legs and insulating washers.

Insulating teflon washers

When using pedestal legs, be sure to use an insulating teflon washer between the base and the legs.

The case can be fixed with pedestal legs.

The case can be fixed to a wall, stand, etc. using the screw holes in the pedestal legs.
The screw size for fixing the pedestal is M3. (*Screws for fixing are not included.)

Dual fans and aluminum case for cooling

The dual fans and aluminum case allow for effective heat removal and cooling of the RaspberryPi 4.

Color variation








Product Name Dual FAN Aluminum Case for Raspberry Pi 4
Packed ● 1 x Caxe top
● 1 xCase bottom x 1
● 1 x Dual Fan 5V (Red) – 5V (Pin4), Fan GND (Black) – GND (Pin6)
● 4 x Thermal pads
● 12 x Hex bolts
● 1 x Allen key
● 4 x Screws for Case
● 8 x Sceres for Fan
● 4 x Entaniya pedastals
● 8 x Insulating teflon washers

Size Top 69 x 56 x 15.5 mm
Bottom 87 x 56 x 7.5 mm
Product Number RP-AC-GRY(Gray) / RP-AC-BLK(Black) / RP-AC-BLE(Blue) / RP-AC-RED(Red) / RP-AC-GLD(Gold) / RP-AC-SLV(Silver)