Sensor module with cover glass (compatible with/for Raspberry Pi Camera)

SE219PKG-01 is a sensor module with a cover glass in front of the sensor that can be used with RaspberryPi.
The cover glass protects the easily scratched terminals and sensors from dust and dirt.
It can be used with the VR220 camera, which modifies Entnaiya’s product RaspberryPi Camera V2 into an interchangeable lens camera.

By using a camera module with a cover glass, even if dust gets mixed in, it can be easily removed with a blower or cleaner, making it easier than ever to replace the lens.

Pre-embedded models and sensor modules

VR220G (VR220 camera with glass cover)

This model incorporates a camera sensor module with cover glass.
The price: 12,450 yen
Product number:RP-VC1G / RP-VC1GN(NoIR)

Camera sensor module with cover glass

It can be incorporated into the VR220 you have already purchased, or used with the modification kit.
The price: 3,500 yen
Product number:RP-SG

*ONLY the sensor module is included.
*The lens, lens holder, and camera base are NOT included.
*Please use with Raspberry Pi VR220.


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