Entaniya Rig 3D Stereo 180 VR

Cameras and lenses are not included.


3D stereo 180 VR rig for mirrorless cameras.
The rig adopting the slide plate can set up the cameras easily even if the cameras changes.
Replacement of batteries and memory cards and handling of cables such as HDMI can be done easily.

The minimum IPD is 75 mm. It depends on the camera.

Product Information

Price ¥198,000JPY (Tax-exclusive)Cameras and lenses are not included
Size H:226mm W:265mm D:65mm
Weight 2.3Kg (for example 2xGH5+2xHAL200+Rig Total weight 6Kg)
Product Number RIG-3D

How to create 3D Stereo 180VR