Note : installing the EF mount lens

When installing the lens to RED DSMC2, you need a mount panel exclusively made for EF-Mount and please take off the filter(OLPF) that front of the sensor.Entaniya Fisheye HAL 250 has a filter that similar to the RED filter.
When installing the lens to Blackmagic URSA mini 4.6K, you have to take off the IR Cut Filter that’s in the way of the sensor that EF-Mount uses.

The diameter of the lens bottom and the Backfocus

Lens A B
HAL250 4.3 29mm 14.9mm
HAL250 6.0 36mm 17.78mm
HAL200 6.0 29mm 15.73mm

How to take off the RED DSMC2 OLPF

Modified Canon EF Mount Adapter for RED DSMC2

When installing to RED DSMC2, a modified EF mount for RED is required.
Original is Wooden Camera Simple Canon EF Passive Mount Adapter for RED.
In ordinary EF mount, rear-lens will interfere, so it can not be installed, so please be sure to use a modified EF mount for RED.

You can purchase a modified EF mount for RED with our EF mount for HAL on our online shop.


Please take optical low pass filter (OLPF) off before install the lens.
If the OLPF type is shipped through October 2016(It have curved glare stops at the top and bottom of the OLPF. ), it will not interfere.


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