E-Mount Adapter1

E-Mount Adapter

E-Mount Adapter
E-Mount Adapter

E-Mount Adapter

E-Mount Adapter


Sony E-Mount adapter. It is for 2.3mm, 3,0mm and 3.6mm.

Entaniya Mount Adapter made by SUS304 is for holding the lens. It could be compared to an engine cylinder. If you hold it, you will be surprised about how light it is for sure.


There are E-Mount 1,E-Mount 2 and E-mount 3. The mount to be used varies depending on the focal length of the rear group lens.

Focal length of Rear group lens E-Mount1 E-Mount2 E-Mount3
HAL250 6.0mm N/A N/A
HAL250 4.3mm N/A N/A
HAL250 3.6mm N/A N/A
HAL250 3.0mm N/A N/A
HAL250 2.3mm N/A N/A
HAL200 3.6mm N/A N/A
HAL200 2.3mm N/A N/A

Product Information

Price ¥48,000JPY(Tax-exclusive)
Weight 310g
Material SUS304
Model Number MA-E-1


Sony α7Rii
Sony α7Rii/α7Riii/α7Riiii

Sony α7S/α7Sii
Sony α7S/α7Sii

Sony FS5
Sony FS5/FS7/FX9
Sony α6500
Sony α6000シリーズ

How to change the Mount Adapter