Super Wide Fisheye Lens for Board camera / Machine Vision P0.5/M12

Angles of view of Entaniya fisheye lenses are 220°, 250° and 280°.
Supports over 4K high resolution.
Corresponding sensor size is 1 / 2.3 “~ 1 / 1.7” (when used as circular fisheye lens)
Mount type is M12 / P0.5 which is a standard mount such as board camera.
When shooting with a wide lens, there are often issues like vignetting or chromatic aberration. However, with Entaniya Fisheye M12 lenses these issues are reduced to a minimum.

It is a high-quality wide-angle fisheye lens suitable for various applications such as board camera, security camera, Machine Vision, 3D scanner, 360 camera and so on.

M12 Fisheye

VR Video