FOV(1/4″) 20° (V:13° H:16° D:20°)
F Number F2.35
Lens Configuration Glass x 6
Image Size φ7.68mm
Focal Length 12.5mm
Back Focal 2.11mm
Mount Type M12 x P0.5
Compatibility with All-Weather Case N/A
Product Number RP-L20
Price 3,980JPY(Tax-exclusive price)
Note When combined with Raspberry Pi HQ Camera M12 Lens Mount Adapter without IR cut filter, the normal mount holder will not focus the camera. A dedicated mount holder is required.


Image Size



Sample Images

1/4″ RaspberryPi Camera V2

*Taken at a distance of 5 meters from the wall (the distance between the two black marks between the mannequins is 50 cm, and the mark on the floor is 100 cm).

1/2.3″ RaspberryPi HQ Camera