VR 220 MOD KIT and VR 220 Camera for SPRESENSE

VR 220 MOD KIT and VR 220 Camera for SPRESENSE



SPRESENSE VR 220 MOD KIT is for attaching a 220° lens (Super Wide Fisheye) to the SPRESENSE Camera Board.

SPRESENSE VR 220 Camera is Pre-Assembled module.

The advantage of this camera is that you only need to shoot once to take half-sphere for your video footage.

By using a converting website,you can enjoy VR images.

Attaching Lens

  • SS-L220:FOV 220°
  • SS-L195:FOV 195°
  • SS-L165:FOV 165°
  • SS-L98:FOV 98°

Product Information


Product Name VR 220 Camera VR 220 MOD KIT
Camera Body Spresense camera board(CXD5602PWBCAM1)
Number of effective pixels 2608 (H) x 1960 (V) = approx. 5.11 M pixels
Size 24.0 mm x 25.0 mm
Sensor ISX012(1/4″)
Weight 14g
Lens Assembled (SS-L220) Included (SS-L220)
Bandled Enclosed Cable
Model Type SS-VC1 SS-MK1
Note Lens is included. (SS-L220) Lens is included. (SS-L220)
SPRESENSE Camera Board is not included.

Lens SS-L220

Field of View 220° (V:200° H:220°)
F Number 2.1
  • SPRESENSE Camera Board is not included in this kit. Please purchase separately.
  • SS-VC1 is Pre-Assembled module.
  • This product is a kit made by modifying SPRESENSE Camera board.
  • SS-VC1 is able to exchange lenses as interchangeable lens camera. Therefore, dust may adhere to the sensor. Please blow off the dust with a blower.


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You can upload photo to convert to VR still images.

Project planning and Design:REC DESIGN INC. / Cooperation:Sony Corporation.