Entaniya Products General

Where can I purchase items from?
We have many dealers all over the world.
Please order our products to them.

Are there any product images for publish?
You can download our product images from below link.

Is there a products catalogue?
You can download our products catalogue from below link.

Where can I find a product manual?
You can download our products manual from below link.

Entaniya Fisheye HAL 220 PL


How to calibrate Entaniya Fisheye 220 focus?

How to change the zoom-spacer ring?
Are these products dust and drip proof?

Entaniya Fisheye HAL 250


Is there sample footages?
You can check the footages from below link.

Is there sample still images?
You can check the still images from below link.

How to calibrate Entaniya Fisheye 250 focus
Entaniya Fisheye HAL 250 is manual focus lens.
You need to calibrate the focus before you use the lens.
Is the lens a conversion lens?
No, Entaniya Fisheye 250 MFT is not a conversion lens.
Can I change the lens mount myself?
Yes, you can change the lens mount yourself, if you purchase other mount type lens base.
Please check below video and manual.


Can the image circle size be changed?
By using the rear group kit, it’s possible to change the image circle by exchanging the rear group lens.
Are these products dust and drip proof?
Is the aperture fixed? Can it be changed?
The aperture of Entaniya Fisheye 250 MFT has been fixed but since there’s a pocket for installing ND filter in the bottom of the lens, the aperture can be adjusted for better suitability for shooting in bright places.

How to add ND filters on bottom of the lens.


Where is NPP(Nodal Point) positioned?
Yes, you can fined the information by clicking the link below. Approx 14mm from top op the lens.
Is there parameters for PTGui and Autopano?
You can download the parameters from below link .
There are also pictures taken with matched NPP so it’s possible to create a parameter file by yourself as well.

How to stich the footages?
Please check the tutorial videos.

What camera is best for 360VR?
It depends on purpose and quality you need.
The standard cameras are Sony α7Rii,Sony a6500,Panasonic GH5,RED DSMC2。
I would like to know 360VR resolution
360VR resolution is dpends on camera and lenses what you use.


How to create 360°VR footage with VR Stand.
A solution to the stitching problem of 360° footage breaking when the object shot is closer or the footage is shot in a narrow place.

Entaniya Fisheye M12/P0.5

What kind of mount type is it?
The mount type is M12 P0.5
Are these products dust and drip proof?

360 VR Kit


What’s the difference between using 3Cam rig Back Bone Ribcage and GoPro Direct Mount?
3 cam rig complete set for 220 Back Bone Ribcage is called Back. It uses a GoPro remodeling kit.
Basically, the both sets can be used similarly but significant differences are listed below:

● Weight: The set for Back Bone Ribcage approx. 780g / The set with GoPro directly attached approx. 560g
● Shooting in narrow places: GoPro directly attached > Set for Back Bone Ribcage
● Overheating: Set for Back Bone Ribcage > GoPro directly attached
● The set for Back Bone Ribcage can be used with Back to Back rig for 2 cameras, allowing the use of a set of 2 cameras together.

Trouble Shooting

How to adjust image circle position on the center?

After using camera+lens set which uses modified GoPro kit’s Back-Bone Ribcage for some time, you might start noticing some problems. In case you have the problem of stitching not going well, or any other problems, you should check whether the position of image circle is right or not.

Normally the image circle should be in the center of the screen. However, something some part of lens shifts out of its position or something else happens and the image circle gets dislocated from the center.

Please check below article.

How to fix the focus?

It’s not too difficult to focus on with Entaniya Fisheye camera+lens set but you ought to know a few trick.

Please check below article.

Focus problem that out of focus in one side.

If you have a focus problem that out of focus in one side.
It might be not parallel with lens and sensor.

Please check below article.

Rasppberry Pi