Method of fixing the focus of the camera+lens set.

It’s not too difficult to focus on with Entaniya Fisheye camera+lens set but you ought to know a few trick.

If adjusted accurately, the camera will be able to focus on perfectly. However, you still had better confirm the focus before shooting because it’s one the important points that affect quality of 360° VR footage.

How to adjust the focus with Entaniya Fisheye camera+lens set.

Prepare the following equipment.

・Modified GoPro(Back-Bone Ribcage)
・Entaniya Fisheye lens
・CS mount adapter
・4 screws
・Allen key


Check whether the lens has stains or not, and if there are stains, please remove them first.
Remember to also check if there are stains in IR cutting filter in the bottom part of the lens.
If there are stains on the lens, it’s not able to judge where to focus on.


Wind tape around the axis of the lens.
It’s enough if you wind it around once or half-way around.
If you end up winding around too much, it might get screwed in and can’t be taken off anymore.

Fix the tape firmly so that there is no spaces.

Entaniya Fisheye lens does not need Back-Bone Ribcage IR cut filter and if the IR Cut filter is set the modified GoPro you can not fix the focus.
Could you please remove it before the lens mount on the GoPro.


Install CS mount adapter to the modified GoPro.
Please screw the CS mount in until it’s fixed in place.
※There’s no need to take off the part of Ribcage that is placed between CS mount and camera.


Screw the lens into CS mount.
It’s OK when the distance between CS mount and lens is about 2-3mm.


Screw setscrew into CS mount.
Don’t screw it to the end yet – it should be just a bit loose.
You should put screws into four places in diagonal line so that they cover around half of the diameter.

Adjusting focus

Connect the camera to monitor with HDMI cable.
Focus the lens and turn the lens clockwise.

The focusing starts from the outside edge so you should adjust and confirm the area of image circle.

After focus has been fixed correctly, screw setscrews in just a little.
You have to hold the lens while fixing because otherwise the focus might go out.

Tighten the screws

When you are done adjusting the focus, please tighten the screws.
Tighten them in diagonal order.