220 degree Super wide fisheye lens

HAL 220 LF

220 degree fisheye lens for large format

The image circle of the HAL 220 LF covers the large format sensor.
The 220-degree ultra-wide-angle image captures a world that no one has ever.

Image Size

The 12mm focal length range covers the large format sensor.
It is the only lens that can shoot at 220° diagonal with large format cinema cameras such as the ARRI ALEXA LF, ALEXA MINI LF, RED MONSTRO, and SONY VENICE.

Zoom Spacer Rings

The image circle size can be changed by replacing the zoom spacer ring.


Product NameEntaniya Fisheye HAL 220 LF
Focal Length9.1mm-12.6mm
Angle of View220°
Lens Contractions17 lenses in 12 groups
Iris Blades11
Image Size@180°:27.8mm-38.9mm / @220°:33.1mm-46.3mm
Mount TypePL-mount / LPL-mount
BundledZoom Spacer Rings
Can be changed to some focal length by replacing the zoom spacer ring.
ManufacturedMade in Japan(except:caps)

The back of the lens has a bump. It might be impossible to install the lens to some cameras(Especially in the case of using under 10.00mm zoom spacer ring). In case of the bottom is interfered with by the filter that front of the sensor of the cameras, please take off the filter that front of the sensor. Please confirm the distance from the sensor to the filter and lens bottom before you attach the lens to the cameras.


Correlation between the camera and image circle to be used





Sample Download


Shooting Samples


An example of video expression using an ultra-wide-angle fisheye lens

Cooperation with Videgraphy : JOUER

By cropping out part of the image taken with a high-resolution camera such as an 8K camera and a wide fisheye lens, it is possible to create multi-view images with a single camera

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