250 degree Super wide fisheye lens

HAL 250 3.6mm

HAL250 is an super wide-angle fisheye lens with a 250-degree field of view that can project diagonally backward from the lens.
The focal length is 3.6mm, and the image circle fits in a circle on an APS-C sensor.


Product NameEntaniya Fisheye HAL 250 3.6
Focal Length3.6mm
Angle of View250°
Lens Configuration18 lenses in 12 groups / 4 Extra-low dispersion lenses
F NumberF/2.8(Fixed) Interchangeable parts F4.0 /F5.6 / F8 / F11
Image Size180° = φ11mm / 250° = φ14.25mmm
Mount TypeE(E-Mount1)
Bandled1 Lens Support
1 Aperture Disc Set (F4.0 / F5.6 / F8.0 / F11) one of each
1 ND filter Set (0.6 / 1.2) one of each
1 Aperture ToolA
1 Aperture ToolB
1 Allen key 2mm
1 Allen key 3mm
1 Allen key 4mm
1 HAL Lens User Manual
1 HAL Rear Lens Manual
1 Guarantee Card
ManufacturedMade in Japan(except:caps)
PriceMFT-mount 388,000JPY(Tax-exclusive)
E-mount 398,000JPY(Tax-exclusive)
C-mount 398,000JPY(Tax-exclusive)

※Manual focus lens.



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