Want to rent the Entaniya fisheye lenses.

If you would like to rent Entaniya lenses, you have two options.

Rent the Entaniya fisheye lenses

Rental Entaniya fisheye lenses

Please contact the rental company or service that has Entaniya lenses

Entaniya lenses can be rented from several international rental services and agencies. Please find a company that can rent in your country or region.

Entaniya Lens Rental service list >

Rent lenses directly from Entaniya

If you cannot find the lenses you want to use or the rental company from the list above, you can rent the lenses from Entaniya in Japan.

How to rent the fisheye lenses from Entaniya

Please contact us.

If you are renting from Japan, please send us the following information via our contact form

  • Period of time you wish to rent
  • Lenses and number of lenses you wish to rent
  • Purpose of use
  • Your location (Address)


I don’t know which lens is the right one for my purpose.

The use of a fisheye lens depends on its application. It also depends on the camera you use, so please let us know what camera you plan to use and any requirements you need to accomplish. We will suggest the right lens for your purpose.

I need the lens immediately. How soon will I receive them?

We will do our best to meet your schedule, but there are also factors such as lens availability, holidays, and customs clearance. We recommend that you contact us well in advance.

Shipping cost and customs fees.

In addition to the rental cost, you are responsible for round-trip shipping and customs fees.

Rental Flow.

  • 1.Please contact us for dates and applications.
  • 2.After confirming the contents, the lens will be shipped.
  • 3.Please return the lens after the shooting is completed.

Please ask to your local rental company.

We do our best to make Entaniya lenses available to as many people as possible.
However, we feel that shipping lenses from Japan is a problem due to time and shipping costs.
Perhaps the best way is to have Entaniya lenses available at your local rental company. By contacting the rental company directly, they may add the lens to their list.

If you have a rental company that you use regularly, please ask them to add Entaniya lenses to their item list.

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