Super-wide 250 degree fisheye lens Entaniya HAL 250

Super-Wide 250 degree fisheye lens HAL 250

Entaniya Fisheye HAL 250 is 250 degrees super-wide fisheye lens.
The lens is good for high-quality VR shooting and a full-dome movie with cinema cameras and industrial cameras (Machine Vision). Of course, the lenses are used to capture the world at once with one camera.

Super-Wide 250 degree fisheye HAL 250 Line Up

Model Focal Length Aperture Angle of View Mount Price Spec
HAL 250 2.3 2.3 mm F2.8 (Interchangeable parts) 180° = φ7mm
250° = φ9mm
MFT 388,000JPY
(Tax-exclusive )
HAL 250 3.0 3.0 mm F2.8 (Interchangeable parts) 180° = φ9.2mm
250° = φ11.9mm
(Tax-exclusive )
HAL 250 3.6 3.6 mm F2.8 (Interchangeable parts) 180° = φ11mm
250° = φ14.25mm
(Tax-exclusive )
HAL 250 4.3 4.3 mm F4.0 (Interchangeable parts) 180° = φ13.1mm
250° = φ17mm
(Tax-exclusive )
HAL 250 6.0 6.0 mm F5.6 (Interchangeable parts) 180° = φ18.2mm
250° = φ23.7mm
(Tax-exclusive )

*The EF mount lens cannot attach the DSLR cameras such as CANON 5D, because the back of the lens has a bump.
*Manual focus lens

Image Circle Size

Image Circle Size


250° Fisheye lens Extremely high quality 8K Ready

250° Fisheye lens

When using a fisheye lens with a wide 250° field of view, it’s possible to shoot One-Shot VR with a one single lens.

More information about One-Shot VR  

Extremely high quality

When shooting with a wide lens, there are often issues like vignetting or chromatic aberration. However, with Entaniya Fisheye HAL250 these issues are reduced to a minimum.

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8K Ready

Entaniya Fisheye HAL250 shows its true value by taking sharp, high resolution pictures even with a 8K camera. It’s perfect for shooting VR in 8K.

8K Sample 


You can customize the Entaniya Fisheye HAL lens.

Mount Adapters Custom Order

Rear Group Kit

By exchanging the back lens, Entaniya Fisheye HAL will be suitable for a camera with adjustable image circle.

More information about Rear Group Kit 

Mount Adapters

By exchanging the mount adapter, Entaniya Fisheye HAL can be installed to a camera which has a different mount.

More information about mount adapter 

Custom Order

We can develop the custom lense. Please feel free to ask us if you want to custom and dvelop new lenses.


Compatibility System

Super-Wide Images

Conversion from fish-eye images to super-wide images

By correcting the distortion of the image taken with the fisheye lens, as in stretching the image taken with the anamorphic lens and converting it into a wide image, we can create a super-wide image that cannot be captured with conventional lenses. This is a new image expression that can only be achieved with a super wide-angle fisheye lens.

VR Shooting

Cinematic VR

Cinematic VR

Entaniya Fisheye HAL 250 makes this possible: it’s the first and only fisheye lens developed for shooting VR with a high-end camera.
60fps, 8K filming, shooting in the dark, film making… This lens makes all the professional VR creators’ dreams come true.

Sony CineAlta VENICE Sample

High image quality VR Sample

True 8K Quality VR in the dark

True 8K Quality

With Entaniya Fisheye HAL250 you can take extremely sharp 8K footage in high resolution.

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VR in the dark

You can shoot in dark places where you couldn’t shoot with most of the VR cameras. You will get stunning high resolution VR photos with low noise even in the dark!

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360VR Work Flow

360VR Work Flow

Accessories(selling separately)

360VR Rig

By placing cameras vertically and horizontally, you can create 360VR videos.

More information about 360VR Rig  

360VR Stand

By first taking video of the front and then moving on to shoot the back.

More information about 360 VR Stand 

Safety Ring

The Safety Ring is able to pass the string through the hole on the reinforcement part.

More information about safety ring 


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